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Acquire Global Corporation is a global alternative asset manager, managing significant institutional assets across a number of diversified industries  and our business is investing on behalf of our clients, from governments, large institutions to families, the doctors and teachers who entrust their savings to us.

Our private equity investment strategy is to acquire controlling or significant interests with board representation in stable, mature, well-managed businesses. We create value in these businesses through operational improvements, management incentives, optimization of capital structure and the use of leverage. Where appropriate, we focus on a ‘buy and build’ strategy and believe in investing in businesses that will maximize shareholder value through strong operational growth and substantial capital appreciation. Our ultimate objective is to realize value through structured exits to strategic and trade buyers or onto public markets in the region and beyond, within a three to five-year investment horizon.
Our investment professionals take primary responsibility for execution. Stable investment teams on the ground have strong local knowledge, guided by support from central management and regional hubs. We have an unrivaled global platform with a unique skill to scale up businesses along a debt leverage and funding, supported by our Value Creation Plans, standards and growth tools for each of our partner companies across the investment lifecycle.

The skills and knowledge of our professionals partners are further complemented by specialist external advisors and consultants, who are retained to assist in the evaluation and execution processes. Our focus on quality permeates every aspect of our business, especially our investment approach. In developing a deep network of contacts and business relationships, we seek to identify high-quality investment opportunities on a proprietary basis. We then work to identify, assess and mitigate the risks.

Global Interest
We seek firms with sustainable competitive advantage and strong brands with potential for consolidation. Through our active ownership model, we aim to influence the strategic direction of partner companies to help them achieve their potential, nurturing company earnings growth as the main driver of returns.

We are committed only to our clients satisfactions. Our promise is to offer them insight about what to do with their money and the products and services that can help them plan for a better financial future and opportunities in  areas we do business across developing/emerging markets.

As such, institutions and governments work with us for help, and in meeting their biggest financial challenges.

We Serve clients from nearly every corner of the globe with the same vision of rendering the highest fiduciary obligations to governments, companies, foundations, groups and families.

We provide a variety of financial product and services to bring investors together with projects and organizations in need of capital.

These range sustainable project of initiatives to businesses of all sizes that are looking to expand. We invest our own resources and those of our clients, continually looking for new ways to turn opportunities into growth.


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