Acquire Bricks

Acquire Bricks is a diversified unsecured investment vehicle that pulls resources together in wealth creation across product and service lines. The resources are channelled to generate loans, equity, and capital for developmental short  and long term purposes. With our Private Capital Investing group is the firm’s investment platform dedicated to providing preferred equity and mezzanine capital to growth and middle market companies across the Africa, Asia, Latin America,US, UK, Europe, and Middle Eastern countries in these areas bringing in high returns to our investors.

Buying and Reviving Weak Indusries

Industries and Funding for Equity Acquisition

Securities Sales and Trading

Residential Loan Trading

Commercial Real Estate Loan Trading

Mortgage Derivative and Synthetic Asset/Index trading

Restructuring of Mortgage Assets

Fund Lending

Our skills transcend borders, creating geographic diversification. Our clients are asset managers, hedge funds, banks, insurance firms, industries, corporations and governments. For more infomation please contact us.

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Fax :212-731-2419
Address :P.O. Box 650414, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

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