Acquire Global Corporation’s commitment to serve our client in various categories through the combination of human talents, capital and innovations to build a strong enterprise for our clients and shareholders. We works with clients to provide solutions to daily alternative financial needs, both large and small. Whether looking to expand or finance your business, access capital markets, or manage your assets and investments, Acquire Global Corporation can support your business needs across the globe with the best available expertise.

In these categories are the overview of our services

Acquire Bricks: Acquire Bricks is a diversified unsecured investment vehicle that pulls resources for wealth creation across product and divisional lines resources are diverted to generate loans, equity, and capital for as developmental purposes:

Advice: We advise companies on buying and selling businesses, raising capital and managing risks, which enables them to grow.

Agriculture:  We are considering the effect of hunger around the world caused by climate change and poor advancement in agricultural, lack proper funding, our corporation finds it very disturbing as many are still hungry in this era. We collaborate with multinationals, Governments and financial industries to make it possible for food development, mechanized farming and related industries to be funded and supported.

Aviation/Transport: We offers possibilities in acquisition of high technological innovation on aviation, marine, road and rails. We support these unit with funding and technical expertise

Beverage: Royalvite beverage is a star product of Acquire Global Corporation, the niche product is crafted to solve major health problems associated with exposure to air pollution and cigarette smoking and second-hand smoke inhalations enhance with fortified mega-vitamins

Capital Finance: We fund projects for corporations, entrepreneurs, and governments in these areas transportation, manufacturing, municipal (governments), agriculture, energy, trading, gas and oil. Acquire Global Corporation provides financial products, such as loans equity, capital and support for investment funds, all of which help our investors expand into developing and emerging markets. By mobilizing private capital to help solve critical development challenges, and catalyzes revenues, jobs and growth opportunities both for us and our diversified clients base. This product fuel economic growth by allocating capital that can be used to create jobs, build infrastructure and finance innovative ideas. These funds make direct equity and equity-related investments in new, expanding or privatizing emerging market companies as long as we find them safe and profitable.

Consultancy: Acquire Global Corporation has incorporate the best consultants as a team to address a our valued clients projects and problems with a comprehensive modern technology in many areas of our expertise. It is a commitment to approach issues with clear understanding of needs. Acquire Global Corporation would provide client with capital project financing and loan syndication where necessary.

Energy and Renewables: Acquire Global Corporation is focused to partner with existing companies in developing countries and emerging market with a view to generating attractive risk-adjusted returns and investing for the socioeconomic of communities creating wealth for our partner and the communities we invest in. We intend to demonstrate this in the performance of the funds we advise and manage. Acquire Global Corporation financial investment in this sector ranges from $5 million dollars to $200 million from us and loan syndications. We are committed to supporting projects that advance a sustainable, lower-carbon economy, greater resource efficiency and a cleaner and more secure energy supply. Our organization has a growing portfolio of renewable energy and renewable resources in projects from wind and solar power to clean water and sustainable agriculture.

Engineering: Acquire Global Corporation team of engineers provide advice, fund, manage, design and build. Our dedicated group of engineers would be able to listen to all engineering matters from cross section of our diversified client base. Agriculture, aviation, civil, health, marine, rail,road, transportation, water and the rest of others providing all resource to bring an idea come realization.

Finance: We help local, state and national governments finance their operations so they can invest in infrastructure, like schools, hospitals, roads and water.

Global Security Network Services: Acquire Global Corporation offers solution with a great team of security experts with years of combined experience in military, federal and local law enforcement and international law. Our vast network of worldwide contacts and resources assure satisfaction in our specialized fields of National/Homeland Security, Risk Management, Crisis Response and Disaster Recovery and Law Enforcement Assessments and Reforms. With growing threat of global terrorist groups, we can penetrate any group and access them with the best intelligence operations.

Innovate: We develop concepts and analysis that drive new perspectives, new products and new paths to financial growth.

Invest: We invest our capital alongside our clients’ capital to help businesses grow.

Manage: We preserve and grow assets for institutions, including mutual funds, pension funds and foundations, as well as individuals.

Revitalizing Industries: Acquire Global Corporation offers solution for restructuring, restoring, revitalizing and taking a struggling company to new height by bringing new management and the financial resources with the best innovation and great team to revive and reshape growth pattern.



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