Corporate Engagement Overview

Acquire Global Corporation represent faces of  all people and are committed to propelling community’s economic advancement where we work and live and in places more distant  where our ideas, people and resources can make a difference.

By supporting programs that help solve crucial social and environmental issues, we commit ourselves to taking action based on discipline, innovation and a strategic approach over the long term. Acquire Global Corporation works with all sectors academic, economic development and nonprofit partners adhere to four guiding principles touching lives of global communities:

Align with our core business by focusing on economic growth and community engagement.  Establish networks of nonprofit and educational partners who have world-class expertise and experience.  Measure results to ensure maximum success. Engage the time and talent of the people of Acquire Global Corporation at all levels of the organization.  Acquire Global Corporation development efforts include the following four major initiatives, which advance the firm’s objective of driving economic growth and making a difference.

Free flow of information makes our Professionals from across the company relate about what they do, what it’s like to work at Acquire, and more.

Acquire Global Corporation recognizes the significance of strong corporate governance especially in diversified operations such as ours in many countries, especially in developing countries. We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance practices and act with discipline, integrity and professionalism.
Our talents follows best in class corporate governance framework for companies. This framework has been developed after extensive research against international and local best practices within the local regulatory framework. This empowers us to deploy value-creating management activities with passion that help increase corporate and shareholder value and rendering the best service to our clients .