Acquire Global Corporation is strongly committed to supporting development in oil and gas industries by investing in the sector with our global partners. Acquire Global Corporation is focused to partner with existing companies in developing countries and emerging market with a view to generating attractive risk-adjusted returns and investing for the socioeconomic of communities creating wealth for our partner and the communities we invest in.

We intend to demonstrate this in the performance of the funds we advise and manage. Acquire Global Corporation financial investment in this sector ranges from $25 million dollars to $300 million from us, investors and financial  institutions.

Acquire Global Corporation is very committed to acquiring equity share in most investment making our involvement create more wealth with our team of experts who understand the sector very well. Our hunger to invest in these region are based on the desire to creating huge employment opportunity. Further we are will to work with any group and ready to fund projects in this field for new and old industries bringing in innovation and management services.